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I've always been fascinated by markets, technology, creation, and prosperity. These broad areas drive a lot of my curiosity and interests; their interplay keep me doing what I love: learn, think, build. I have a deep interest in building, ideas, and thinking about what is true. It's no surprise I was drawn to crypto, venture, and startups.


I've helped found and build companies, operated in early stage startups, and advised across a range of areas like raising capital, legal and regulatory, and strategy & corporate development.

An attorney by background, I practiced in the areas of Capital Markets and M&A. I focused on technology areas that had material legal or regulatory intersections which took me from law into fintech, crypto, and beyond. I hold a J.D. from the University of Toronto and am admitted to the bar in New York and Ontario. 


Today, I am a capital allocator and run a boutique merchant banking firm and am building my own investment and holding company. I think of my market operations as a marathon. Marathon is a mindset. Not only about pace, but distance. A call to play the long game, to play forever. Historically, it's a reminder that small groups often change the world. 

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